The PXS Lab, Version 2.0

We’ve completely re-tooled the PXS Lab using smaller, quieter, and more energy-efficient equipment. This will allow us to keep costs low while keeping the footprint small and stealthy!

The very first PXS Lab:

The PXS Lab, Version 1.0
The very first PXS Lab – Built using first-generation HP Proliant rack-mount servers; HP Procurve switches, and; Cisco routers.

At idle: This “hardware stack” consumed 1.25 kW and required hearing protection when working for extended periods of time!

The new PXS Lab:

The PXS Lab, Version 2.0
Version 2.0 of the PXS Lab – Leaner. Meaner. Cleaner. Built with standard Dell Optiplex workstations; HP Procurve managed switches, and; a pfSense firewall appliance (not pictured).

At idle: This “hardware stack” consumes only 250-275 W of electricity – And it’s so quiet that there’s never any need for hearing protection!

We believe that this design will provide almost all of the same flexibility as the first Lab. But it will be smaller, quieter, and less expensive to operate – $135, annually. Versus $650, annually!

We hope that you’ll follow along with us as we resume our mission to provide Practical Guidance to XenServer Administrators©.

Eric Pretorious, Publisher
Practical XenServer

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