One Year Later: The Licensing Changes Introduced in XenServer 7.3

Last week marked the One Year Anniversary of the licensing changes introduced in XenServer 7.3. To say that the changes were tectonic would not be an exaggeration:

As many of you will be aware, XenServer is available in three editions: Free, Standard, and Enterprise. All of them are installed from the same ISO, and all are equally open source. The Standard edition is almost identical to the Free edition in terms of feature set, but includes commercial support and an extended period of hotfix availability from Citrix, whilst the Enterprise edition enables a variety of additional features.

Having carefully considered what features are in each edition, we’ve taken the decision to move some features out of the Free edition, and into Standard.

The full list of features being moved is:

  • Dynamic Memory Control
  • Xen Storage Motion
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Role Based Access Control
  • High Availability
  • GPU Pass-Through
  • Site Recovery Manager (Disaster Recovery)
  • XenCenter Rolling Pool Upgrade Wizard
  • Maximum Pool Size Restricted To 3 Hosts (existing larger pools will continue to work, but no new host joins will be permitted)

This will therefore make the Standard edition substantially different to the Free edition. No features are moving from Free to Enterprise. You can find all of the details in the full XenServer 7.3 feature matrix.

Those changes set in motion other events that have fundamentally changed the XS landscape by causing other folks in the XS Ecosystem to “fork the code” of Citrix XenServer – now called Citrix Hypervisor – and launch a separate, more open, more free development track a la XCP-ng.

In the very near future we’re going to follow the value and resume development using XCP-ng because we believe that this is what’s needed most by the XS Community.

Stay tuned for more XenServer Goodness! ©

Eric Pretorious, Publisher
Practical XenServer

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