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Improvements & Changes

As we’ve been building-out Practical XenServer (PXS) we’ve not been very tidy – leaving placeholders laying around like construction scraps – but today we’ve taken a step forward in making the site more presentable: All of the miscellaneous stubs (i.e., placeholder pages with no content) have been pruned and – for illustrative purposes only, where there will be important content relatively soon – we’ve replaced the active, dead-end hyperlinks with a notice to readers that the content is “Coming soon!

While this may not be “best practice” we feel that this strikes a good balance: It helps us, as the creators of PXS, visualize how the site will grow and develop, and; it helps you, the reader, understand the direction that we’re working in.

We hope that you agree with us and that you’ll continue to return to PXS to learn more about working efficiently and effectively with XenServer.

Our First Tutorial

It’s been in the works for a while now but we’ve finally published our first tutorial: “How to Prepare a XenServer Host’s Network Interfaces“. It was a difficult one to write (because it’s such a simple concept that most sysadmins just take for granted) but we’ve given it a thorough treatment and hope that you’ll find it informative & useful.

We’ll create the topic forumso that readers can comment or ask questions about the specific tutorial – later today but the tutorial is ready for consumption right now so go take a peek and, later today, the forum will be ready for questions and feedback.

Pardon our Mess…

Please pardon our mess while we work to build Practical XenServer© (PXS). We’re working around-the-clock to bring practical guidance to the XenServer masses so be sure to check back regularly as we fill-in all the holes that will eventually contain XenServer Goodness©!